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NuMusician is an easy-to-read, knowledge packed website designed to help musicians and songwriters progress their skills, explore awesome gear and find new ways to succeed in the music industry.

There is nothing more exciting than making progress as musician. Even if you’re right at the beginning of your journey, every challenge you overcome feels like a high-five moment.

The first time you pick up an instrument, nail that perfect solo, step out on stage – it’s hard to put those challenges and countless hours of practice into words.

My own experience working in the music industry has been filled with huge highs and lows. I’ve been in the presence of masters and have never stopped learning. As a music teacher, I’ve watched students go from “not having a clue” to getting endorsed by industry leading manufacturers.

NuMusician is my way of contributing back to the music world, I hope you thoroughly enjoy spending time on my site and thoroughly enjoy the ever expanding content (with plenty more to come!)

So let’s get cracking!

Jean Gabriel | Musician

Jéan Gabriel

Yes, that’s my ugly mug! I’ve worked as a professional musician for the past 15 years both on stage and in the classroom. I absolutely love music and I have a weird addiction to learning. I can’t help but try to master as many instruments as I can before I get too old!

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Looking to learn something new? Want some advice on how to overcome a problem? I’ve put together a load of articles with advice on all sorts of interesting music related subjects with many more on the way.

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We've Got gear shootouts

If you’re looking for the ultimate detailed reviews of brands, instruments, effects and just about all music related gear, I’ve put together a whole range of roundup articles which dive into the details.

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A growing list of in-depth reviews, from A to Z, covering everything I can think of when it comes to individual music instruments, essential components, cool accessories, the list goes on!

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